So …. your Adwords campaign has been shut down and your asking yourself …. What do I do now?

Once again, Google has tightened the screws on Quality Score and marketers across the world are feeling the effects. It is not entirely a bad thing that google is forcing us to be smarter and more relevant with our marketing strategies, but it does become inconvenient when small business owners or entrepreneurs have no knowledge on how to fix the problem.

Fixing the problem needs to be your priority and you must play by the rules Google has put in place.

Your first step is to re-evaluate your landing pages. Start by looking at your keywords, your page titles, page descriptions and all of the body copy on the landing pages you are sending traffic to. Your message must be clear, consistent and match what you are saying in your Adwords display ads and keywords.

Your next step is to segment your campaigns and focus on small niche groups of keywords that are highly targeted to the landing page. This will get you a higher quality score and will keep your account active.

Last and most important … Focus your keyword selections on long tail keywords that are targeted on your product or service. Think like your customer and use phrases they would use when seeking what you have to offer. Stay away from one word keywords that are general and broad as these are guaranteed to drive your cost up and will get you low quality scores.

Do not worry about driving millions of visitors to your site because only 20% will be targeted if all you want is traffic. Your focus needs to be on relevance and reaching the audience that is most likely seeking you or your products and services.

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