Branding is one of the “must do well” things in business today. Think of it as the first impression to billions of potential customers worldwide. People are visual, they want to feel engaged, feel sucked in and generally want to like what they see. It’s the “LOOK AT ME” instead of my competition mentality. All types of businesses have competitors and each and every one of them is fighting for the business. If you stand out and appeal to your target demographic your chances of coming out on top are greater.

The design and branding of your business should be targeted to your audience and should not be cluttered and/or distracting. Utilizing the K.I.S.S method (Keep it Simple Stupid) is still the best way to go for any business. Clean, easy to read fonts, colors that are appealing to the eye and above anything else … easy to use navigation and a clear and concise call-to-action.

A useful tip: try and put yourself in your customers shoes, try and think like they would. Ask yourself .. If I was looking for a business that does “XYZ” what would it look like and what would it say?

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