Branding is an art, a well calculated game of positioning. There are many elements that play into a successful brand for small, medium, large and fortune 500 businesses. These elements differ for each business and must be inserted into the business plan accordingly if success is your goal.

It is important to utilize the questions below as means to keeping your business current and inline with where you need to be. It’s like chess where every move is well thought out, calculated and consequences for each move are considered.

Their are times that you need to go big and risk it all, other times where you need to be reserved and hold back. This is where you need something to fall back on … this is where developing a list of characteristics for your brand and holding yourself accountable, defines the path you walk and the steps you take.

Branding is no different, your company must position itself where your demographic lives. “You must become part of their world and work on developing a relationship like no other.”

1. What is your brand’s vision?

2. What are the good attributes of your brand (or company, or product, or service)?

3. What are the practical benefits associated with your brand?

4. What are the bad aspects of your brand, and how can you fix them?

5. What emotions are behind customer purchases of your products/services?

6. How is your brand positioned against the competition?

7. What demographic is your brand appealing to?

8. Which personality characteristics of this demographic do you embrace?

9. Do all elements of your branding strategy integrate with one another?

10. Are these elements delivered consistently?

11. Does your branding effort take into account different cultural aspects?

12. Are you investing in your ongoing branding efforts through both time and money?

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