Happy New Year. I pray that you have a blessed 2010 with good health and prosperity.

When we think of the new year, we think of a new, fresh and clean beginning.  Almost like being granted the ability to start over and leave behind the failures of the previous year. Would be nice, wouldn’t it?  It is strange how we need such an event that opens our eyes to the reality of what each of our businesses need to remain competitive.  If we know what the requirements are, then why do we wait until that ball drops in Time Square to get off our rear-ends and improve our online presence? Shouldn’t this be a 24/7/365 task that is priority #1?

This should be the area of business that we pay most attention to.  After all, your image and your message is what makes that first impression or creates that instant connection. Realistically speaking, we can’t wait until every December 31st to decide “This is the Year for me” or “I am going to re-create my business and give us a new image”. Your business brand and marketing message need to be focused on and analyzed through out the entire year, changing when change is required, tweaked when you see an opportunity to create a niche and most important … fine tuned into something that creates a positive ROI.

For 2010 the rules have not changed.  The game is still competitive, the risk is still great, design and brand matters more than ever, your marketing message must be strong and compelling. The only thing that needs to change is our outlook on the importance of “GREAT” design and marketing. We need to Focus on the task and clear the path for success!


Jason Trump

Need help designing or marketing your business or products?

By contacting me today, you will receive a FREE 15 minute coaching call to discuss your online marketing strategies.  You will thank yourself after you experience the benefits of what you are about to do for your business.

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