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It’s not enough to be No.1 on Google

Anybody who has had their web site on page 1 on Google for a competitive keyword like web design has reasons to celebrate. The key word ‘web design’ is indeed one of the most competitive key words online with Google displaying nearly 1 billion web pages. According to the Yahoo keyword selector tool, the key words web design is searched an average of 300,000 times a month. We could reasonably expect about 1000,000 searches for ‘web design’ a month on the 3 major search engines. One would think that being on the top of the first page of results is enough to take over the web design market. But is it enough to be on the top position?

Given that nobody, at least not many people, optimize solely for the sake of being on the top page of a search engine, we need to consider the purpose of being highly ranked and how to attain the objectives linked to this purpose.

There are a number of possible gains from a highly ranked web site. The prime objective remains traffic, unique visits. The next obvious question should be, how do we capitalize on this traffic?

This is where the web design of the highly ranked web site kicks in. Being well ranked for a keyword like web design will inevitably generate traffic through your web site. This means that a relatively large number of web users, typically several hundreds if not thousands, will visit your web site daily. The web design and content of your web site will determine if these visits translate into your objectives, let’s say web design orders.

If you are looking for web design leads that will convert into orders, your product offer and how well you convert the leads are key success factors that you need to address carefully so you make the most of your no.1 position. You need to do your marketing. What market segment are you targeting? Is your domain name, your product offer, the look and feel of your web design and your pricing structure geared to your target market? Sounds complicated but in practice, if you know what you are doing, you can very quickly reengineer your web design to tackle and correct these issues.

If you are lost, get some marketing specialists in. It does cost but well worth it. They will analyse your product and services offer and advice on the type of web design, graphic and text content required to attract the attention, generate the interest and call for action that you require to generate good leads.

So, if you are the fortunate few who knows something about Search Engine Optimization and have got a web site up on that top page for a good keyword, start thinking seriously about your web design. Without the right product and the correct web design strategy, you could be losing opportunities with every day that goes by.

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  • We strive to be the best internet company, not the biggest. With that said … We have focused our process on doing the 3 things that make a web site successful and profitable. Sure we can do e-commerce, Flash, and the one hundred other things that make up a GREAT website. Every website MUST have these 3 things to be successful.

    Professional Website Design

    Your Website has to look good, and be easy to use; your business depends on it. You have 6 seconds to engage your customer. We focus on creating user-friendly designs that convey your message with a strong call to action. By following industry web standards we also create websites that are accessible to the widest audience. Navigation systems need to be clean and intuitive to allow the user to find the information they seek fast. This means a great looking, easy-to-use website that converts casual browsers into buyers.br>

    Web Development

    Your Web site has to do something, and do it well. Whether selling goods online, or capturing user data for further marketing efforts, your website must have purpose. Our skilled team of in-house web developers specialize in creating systems that seamlessly integrate into any design. E-commerce, Database integration, Email systems, Custom web applications, they all work best when the experience is seamless for the user.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Your web site must have traffic, and lots of it. There are billions of potential customers searching for products and services that you offer. How will they find you? Google, Yahoo, and MSN will deliver those customers to your doorstep as long as you have top rankings for search terms your customers use. We specialize in optimizing websites for top rankings that are relevant to the business.

    Web Design and Development Philosophy

    Our philosophy is ultimately defined by our commitment to our clients. We work closely with your organization to facilitate the overall process of developing your web presence. We provide direction in the planning of your strategy, and assist you in defining your goals. We then provide leadership in the overall conceptualization, design and marketing of your web site in order to best realize your objectives.

    We are dedicated to following a well-established process, as well as tested and proven marketing strategies for online success. jtdesigns will encourage potential and current clientele to utilize such methods in order to enhance their likelihood of success on the Internet. From text to pictures, graphics to special effects, e-business to e-personal – each site has its own unique qualities and requirements to deliver the intended message.

    The Internet is primarily about information. Rather than seeking to be dazzled or entertained, research confirms that people use the Internet to locate and access information. Therefore, a web site’s effectiveness can be measured in terms of its accessibility, usability and information quality. If the Web is about information, then a web site must communicate clearly. To achieve this, jtdesigns constantly keeps the following in mind when developing sites:

    • Use text content which is succinct and readable
    • Color schemes which don’t dominate
    • Download times which don’t frustrate
    • Screen layouts which enhance the content
    • Consistency across the web site which reduces uncertainty
    • Navigation schemes which minimize confusion
    • Contact details visible on every page to enhance trust
    • Sophisticated feedback forms and info systems that are user-friendly

    Taken together, these principles reflect the philosophy that jtdesigns has established
    over years of web site development.

    E-Commerce site Development

    We are experienced in developing highly sophisticated solutions for many business sectors including Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, Automotive, Insurance, Medical, Sales, and Service industries.

    We’ve worked with both For-Profit and Non-Profit Corporations and Organizations. We provide our service to businesses of all sizes and consider all requests for design and development. We have taken on projects of all sizes in both budget and scope.

    Are you considering having a Website designed or re-designed for your business? Consider having us help.

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