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Did your smartphone suddenly start blinking and buzzing like crazy? No need to worry– it’s probably just getting excited about AdWords for mobile, our new mobile interface for Android, iPhone, and Palm Pre devices.

We’ve heard that your smartphone and AdWords account have been pining for each other. Over the past few months, many of you have let us know how much you’d like to have fast and easy mobile access to AdWords, which is why we’re now testing a streamlined mobile experience. AdWords for mobile gives you easy access to your key alerts and statistics, enabling you to make quick changes even when you’re out and about.

Today, AdWords for mobile will be used as the default mobile interface for a small percentage of English language advertisers, and we look forward to enabling the feature for additional advertisers and languages in the coming weeks. However, if you’d like to try AdWords for mobile immediately, simply direct your Android, iPhone, or Palm Pre tohttp://adwords.google.com/dashboard/Dashboard

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  • Taking a little time to organize your account can help you to better target your potential customers. It can also save you time and effort when it comes to managing your advertising.

    The video below will show you how a few minor changes to your account structure can make a big difference to your advertising performance.

    AdWords Search Funnels

    What are AdWords Search Funnels?

    AdWords Search Funnels are a set of reports describing the ad click and impression behavior on Google.com that leads up to a conversion. In addition to a Top Conversions report, Search Funnels consist of 7 reports including Assisted Conversions, First and Last Click Analysis, Time Lag, and Path Length. For an overview of these new reports, check out this video:

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  • With the modern consumer receiving information about products and services from multiple channels, how does a company – which formerly reached its target market just fine, say, with print and television ads – now reach new customers?

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  • On a snow day like today and in between the frequent trips outside to shovel the sidewalks, I can’t help but watch the snowflakes fall from the sky.  It’s a very beautiful thing to admire and looks so peaceful when stuck to the tree branches.

    As I watch the snowflakes and do what I do best (and that’s to try and relate my surroundings to how I do business), I cant help but think …  ”What if each of those snowflakes was a potential customer?”  There are many different shapes, different sizes, some fall faster than others and some just don’t make it to the ground, the get stuck on roof tops or tree tops and never get to the desired landing area.

    The question I ask myself is … “How would I catch as many of them as possible with a bottle that just sits there waiting to be filled up?” (in this case, the bottle represents your web site)  If you think you are going to catch every snowflake, you are crazy. You will never catch all of them, and in most cases even the ones you do catch are not going to be the ones you had hoped for.

    What’s the purpose of this off topic rant, you ask?  Well, in my ADD brain I can’t help but relate this to lead generation and targeted marketing strategies. When you develop a method to guide those snowflakes to the location you want them, you are creating an effective funnel that collects the snowflakes for you. Think of this funnel as your sales process, you can use targeted Google AdWords campaigns to reach out and guide these flakes towards the funnel. Once they land on the funnel they start making the trip down the tube into the bottle.  The tube being the “Auto Responder Campaign” that leads them into the bottle over a pre-determined time frame, and the bottle, being the website that encourages the sale or the conversion.

    How well do you catch snowflakes?  Are you catching them with a funnel or are you catching them with your bare hands?

    I will leave you with a final note:  Last time I cought a snowflake with my bare hands it melted within seconds!  WOW … that means (in my mind) I just turned that potential lead or customer into nothing.  No communication, co sales pitch, no conversion.

    What’s your next move?


    Jason Trump

    Need help redirecting your potential clients? I can help you create Funnels.

    By contacting me today, you will receive a FREE 15 minute coaching call to discuss your online marketing strategies.  You will thank yourself after you experience the benefits of what you are about to do for your business.

    Put your Adwords PPC on a Diet

    by way of SearchEngineWatch.com

    • Add keywords gradually, and in new ad groups when possible. Ideally, ad groups should consist of no more than 15-20 tightly-related keywords around a theme.
    • Test one thing at a time. If you just added new keywords to an existing ad group, don’t start an ad copy test at the same time. If you just turned off the search network, don’t start fiddling with your bids too much.
    • Test ad copy systematically. Always test against a control ad — don’t throw everything out and start anew.
    • If you’ve made major changes to your landing page(s), don’t change your PPC campaign too. In fact, you should test the new landing page against the existing page and pick the winner of the test, instead of changing your pages first.
    • Interpret test results from each PPC engine, and each channel (search vs. content) independently. They can and do act differently, and what works in one may flop in another. It’s OK to take one engine’s “winners” and try them in another engine, but don’t be surprised if they turn out to be “losers” in the new engine!

    read the full article here:  SEW

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