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"We at God4me would like to thank your team for all their hard work. A month after signing up with you we have seen our spending coming down and a high increase in sales. In fact last week we had a record sales week and this week looks like beating that. Again many thanks for helping us make our business a huge success.

- God4me


We started our promotional campaign with JTdesigns in January and since that date we have been overwhelmed by its success. We had a significant increase of traffic to the site and more importantly a 250% increase in product orders. Best of all, the sales are still increasing month on month!

- MegaPhase


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What is PPC?
Pay-Per-Click is a paid form of advertising, popularized mostly by the "search engine" Google. The concept is fairly simple. Businesses bid to be placed at or near the top of the search results for particular keyword phrases. The bidding is done on a "per-click" basis, meaning that a company pays a specific amount every time the engine sends them a visitor.

Pay-Per-Click campaigns have unlimited advantages over traditional search engine optimization. First of all, they require no changes to a current site's content or look to obtain top positions, just a willingness to pay. Also, the implementation of a pay-per-click campaign is instant- it can take just a few minutes to start getting targeted traffic, versus sometimes months for standard SEO campaigns. Finally, pay-per-click sends you the highest targeted and most relevent traffic, which increases your percentage of turning a visitor into a sale or a potential client.


Step 1 - Plan the campaign
From the beginning we work very closely with you to identify target customers, realistic objectives and performance criteria. We also implement tracking on your site.

Step 2 - Mine for keywords
For any industry, there can be thousands of keywords that consumers use when searching. Even well optimised campaigns don't have keyword lists extensive enough to maximise ROI. We use keyword mining techniques to identify very specific, relevant search terms.

Step 3 - Optimize ad copy for keywords and keyword groups
This is the most critical phase. The quality of your PPC ad copy has a huge impact on the number of relevant visitors to your site. At Touch we carry out extensive title and description targeting to increase click-through rates and conversions.

Step 4 - Analyse and manage the ongoing campaign
When we've improved traffic flows to your site, we work to increase conversion rates and ROI using bid management software. This statistically intensive process can take up to a month, but your campaigns provide optimum ROI in the end.

Step 5 - Report findings
We report on campaign performance weekly and, as required, provide real-time reports on everything from keyword click costs to ROI. This helps us maintain higher conversion rates over longer periods and keeps you informed.


Pay Per Click campaigns can bring large numbers of highly targeted visitors to your website. It is crucial to the success of the campaign that you pay a reasonable price for each visitor, that each visitor is highly targeted, and that you maintain your exposure over time.


An all in one Pay Per Click management company at a competitive cost.

We offer a variety of pricing options for PPC Adwords managment and consulting. Please contact us to find out what we can do for your pay per click program.


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